The parties are setup so that you will have at least 40 models per party to choose from to live out your foot fantasies.  From the moment you walk into our private sensual and ambient venue, you will be greeted by a lovely door girl who will check you in.

You will immediately notice the stunning beauty of the women there. You will also feel the incredibly pleasant vibe and how private it feels.  It feels private because every guy there has a very strong foot fetish just like you, and every girl there appreciates and understands that. 

You will notice people smelling girl's feet, worshipping them, getting trampled, tickling them.  It looks totally hot.  Soon you will be getting the urge to jump in yourself, especially after you find yourself standing next to a great smelling, incredibly beautiful young girl and you glance down and notice her amazingly beautiful polished toes. 

When you find a girl that drives you wild, and you know you want those feet on your nose, in your face, and in your mouth, talk to her.  You can simply say "Hi" and make small talk first.  Or you can just straight up ask "Would you like to do a session?".  

And unlike bars and clubs in NYC where girls tend to have their guards up when strangers approach them, here the girls absolutley love the attention, and especially to their feet. They will love for you to worship them.  So they will say "yes!", and off you go to a place where you can be comforable and sit. 

Similar to a strip club you tip the model $20 per mini foot session.  However unlike a strip club it doesnt last 5 minutes, it will last at least 10 minutes.  So now is your time, so enjoy your fantasy as much as you want, anyway you want. You can participate in Foot Worship, Trampling, Tickling, Foot Smelling, and Foot Domination.  

So please read through the rest of the site, and when you have read through it all, just go to the Party Calendar page of the website and there you will get to sign up on the guest list and recieve the address for the party.  

We are really glad you found us.  We hope you have an amazing time at the party!