People from all over the world ask me to do parties in their home town.  However at the moment, except for London I plan on staying only in the U.S., and in addition I will never do a party where my good friend Steve does them.  Chicago is open for parties and we have actually had some parties there in the past and it was an amazing time. 

There are some very beautiful girls there that I'm sure I would have no problem recruiting.  I want to start Chicago parties up again.  If you are in Chicago and are seriously interested in FWP coming to Chicago, fill in your name and email address below.  Once I have a serious list of Chicago locals intersted I will start up some hot foot worship parties there again for the first time in 5 years!

It will take at least 4 months to build this list up again, but if you want to help expidite the proccess, spread the word on foot fetish message boards, craigslist, and whatever other method you choose, and send people to this page so they can add their name on the list. 

To be on the list and to be notified when the Chicago parties will start add you name and e-mail here....

First Name

   Email Address

Also if you wish to offer me help or have comments about me bringing parties to Chicago, you can e-mail me at

Foot Worship Parties Chicago